Timeless Lessons from a Younger Me

The following is an excerpt from a piece in my Digital Time Capsule titled Holiday Thoughts. I wrote it on December 13, 2007 at the tender age of 22. It  was at a time much like the present: a new year danced before me, a blank canvas brim with possibilities simply awaiting my paintbrush. I came across it as I was updating my blog and I thought I would share it again. What a perfect reminder of how I really want to live my life:

1. Cherish every moment.  If you are always preparing for something – waiting for the “right” time to do something – stop!  The time is now.  THIS is your life.  Live it to the fullest.

2. Tell your friends and family you love them.  Make time to call – or even email if you must.  Don’t let the day to day get in the way of the people that truly matter to you.  Everyone has a busy life.  It’s nice to hear that you’re being thought of once in a while.

3. Don’t be afraid to let go – to grow – to learn – to take risks.  It’s not worth holding on to something if you are not happy.  The reality is that we all live life once.  Do it for yourself.

4. Never forget to kick back and have some fun.  Genuine, real, laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts-and-you-have-tears-streaming-down-your-bright-red-face fun!

5. Take initiative.  Work hard.  Be honest.  Take pride in everything you do.

6. Take credit when you do something well.  Congratulate yourself and be proud.

7. SMILE!  A lot.

8. Remember that everyone has problems in their lives.  And most of the time, there is someone out there worse off than you.  So, count your blessings and give back when you can – even if it’s just taking a few extra seconds to hold the door open for someone or letting that car cut in front of you on the highway.  You might be running late for work – that person cutting you off might be rushing to the hospital because his wife is in labor.

9. Take things in stride.  Let go of the little things.  Don’t gossip.  Try to be a little nicer – remember karma.

10. Every day is a chance at a new beginning – a fresh start.  Stick to your guns.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Don’t get taken advantage of – don’t take advantage of others.  Just be you.

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