Now arises the question, “How?” How exactly do I intend on finding natural health/healing methods that really work and everyone can use? By strategizing, of course! This is my plan:

  1. I will complete a Personal Evaluation to evaluate my current health. I will also create a written wish list for good health. I don’t believe you can achieve something if you have no idea what it looks like.
  2. Then I am going to immerse myself into the world of Holistic—Alternative—Integrative—Naturopathic  Medicine. Each week from January 7, 2013 to July 7, 2013 I will choose a different method, theory, modality or technique for achieving better wellness from this list.
  3. Starting with a simple Google search and going where the research takes me from there, I will spend some time studying the week’s chosen method.
  4. Whenever possible, I will interview a specialist knowledgeable in the field in an effort to better my understanding.
  5. Then, armed with my new knowledge, a video camera, and my mom by my side, I will apply what I have learned. I will put the week’s chosen method to the test via classes, DIYs, seminars, videos, excursions, and/or any other hands-on training I can find.
  6. For each week’s topic, I will document the experience by:
    1. completing Before and After questionnaires about my symptoms
    2. filming each lesson in application {the hands-on experiences}
    3. blogging about the ups and downs along the way
  7. At the end of the 6 months, I will complete a second Personal Evaluation. I will compare this with the first Personal Evaluation and the good health wish list I made at the beginning of the project.
  8. After completing all comparisons, I will summarize the results of the project (either accepting or rejecting my theory), outline my Health Plan for the future, and conclude with my reflections on the project.
  9. Finally, I will use the 6 months of footage we shoot to make a documentary about Holistic Health. I hope this video will teach others how they can use natural, simple and smart methods to live healthy, happy and balanced lives.

* I invite you to follow my journey over the next 6 months in what I am dubbing “The ME Project: A Skeptic’s Search for Holistic Healing” – my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pursuit for health and happiness.

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