Lately I have been working on establishing better routines for myself and my family. While I have had plans for said routines drawn for months, actually implementing them has been another thing altogether. One of my secret weapons for assisting in this area has been FLYLady.

What a discovery – this website is simply amazing! Marla Cilley (aka the FLYLady) and her ingenious team offer a complete system to help you learn to FLY (Finally Love Yourself) while clearing the clutter from your home and your life. FLYLady offers suggested routines, detailed cleaning lists, motivational daily emails and so much more. It  gives tips for simplifying even the most mundane household tasks, from grocery shopping and meal planning to everyday chores like dishes and laundry.

In addition, FLYLady focuses on on taking care of yourself as a woman. It encourages us to take care of ourselves from the inside out. From drinking your water and taking your vitamins each day to finding time to pamper yourself and strengthen your relationships, it seems the FLYLady has really thought of it all!

The best part of the entire system is the refreshing attitude the FLYLady passes on to her members. She encourages us to think of housework not as chores, but as blessing our family. When you start to look at it from this angle, keeping up with routines becomes that much easier.

I am grateful to have this great tool at my fingertips. It has helped me figure out how to take my baby steps on the path to becoming a better wife, mother and woman. What’s more is that I am starting to see this spread to other members of my family (my husband recently decluttered a significant portion of our garage because “the rest of the house is getting so clean, I just had to!”) Not only is my home becoming more organized, my life is becoming simpler and happier as well.

Thank you, FLYLady!

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