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Battlefield of the mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind by Joyce Meyer

This has been a bit of a slower read for me because I only spend 10-15 minutes a day reading it. This book has been my starting point in improving my spiritual health. As of today, I am on chapter 13 out of 25 and it has been quite a wonderful read so far.

Just as the title suggests, the book discusses how our minds are like a battlefield where we fight a war each day against the devil. The good news is that God is on our side, and we can grow closer to our Ally by controlling the thoughts in our heads. Meyer explains how our thoughts affect our words, which in turn affect our behavior, thus determining our happiness (or lack thereof). Negative thoughts (and the resulting words and actions) come from a negative source. If we learn how to turn away from this negative source and toward the Positive One, we will learn how to live a happy and peaceful life.

I was originally drawn to this book a few years ago when a family member was experiencing a dark time in her life. I remember browsing the Inspirational Reading section at the book store and feeling a sort of pull to purchase this book. I did and mailed it off to the intended recipient. I’m not sure it helped her the way I had hoped, but eventually the book made its way back to me. I threw it on my bookshelf with my plethora of other self-help books. As time passed, I somehow added two more books by Joyce Meyer to my collection and had also come across her televised sermons a couple of times. Finally, I decided there must be something to this book since it keeps popping up, so I chose to start reading it.

Certainly, this is God working in His way because Battlefield of the mind has been life changing for me. It’s still a slow process, as personal growth rarely happens overnight, but I have already noticed some major improvements in my thought patterns.

I always thought I was a positive person. I felt like I tried to find the silver lining in every situation and got back on the metaphorical horse each time I fell off. Yet, lately my husband has been complaining of my negativity. I didn’t understand what he was talking about at first. Then, as Meyer suggests in her book, I started paying attention to my thoughts. I am shocked at how often the devil whispers lies in my ear that cause me to be irritable, doubtful, suspicious, critical and/or fearful. If I listen to these lies, my tone becomes cold and sharp, my words cracking like a frozen lake, causing my loved ones to stumble over themselves as they slip on the frozen ground, trying to outrun the frigid water below. I grow tense and am easily worked up over little nothings, quick to ignite and hard to extinguish. These are times when I truly feel Evil taking over my being. 

Battlefield of the mind has shown me that it is in these times that I most need to turn to the Light in my life. When I know God, I know the Truth and the Truth will set me free. I can choose not to let these lies take away the precious gift that is my life. I can choose to be a genuinely upbeat, happy and positive person. But I can’t do it alone. The good news is: I don’t have to. Realizing this has made all the difference in the world.

The next step for me is to continue growing in my personal relationship with God. I know I can only do this by letting Him into every aspect of my life. I look forward to learning more about doing so with Meyer’s encouragement and to sharing my personal revelations with you!

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