Junk Food Relapse

My healthy challenge has been… well, just that – a challenge. That darn junk food has an overwhelming attraction that lures me in every time. Chocolate, my arch-nemesis, has been the worst villain. Instead of throwing in the towel and letting the enemy win, I decided to fight back with weapons of my own.

First, I headed to the nearest supply store: the local supermarket. In the produce section, I stocked up on fruits and salad fixings (my favorite way to eat vegetables, I think). I stopped at the dairy case for eggs, cheese and milk, grabbed some chocolate Fiber One bars to satiate my cravings, bought some fresh pork, poultry and steak, and finished with a stop in the organic aisle for ground flax seed.

Now that my arsenal is full, on to today’s mission: preparing for battle. Of course, this means prepping the foods as much as I can to make for easy meal times during the week. Yesterday I started by hard-boiling a dozen eggs to use for deviled eggs or just for when I need a quick protein boost. Next, on to those awesome looking BBQ Sweet Potato Chips I talked about a few days ago. All of the ingredients are out on my counter, ready for magic to happen! As the chips are baking, I intend on washing and slicing the fruit for fruit salad and the veggies for garden salads, as well as dicing the cheese blocks into cubes so they are easy to grab-and-go. Finally, the ground flax seed will provide some much needed Omega-3’s, fiber and antioxidants to my diet.

So take that, Junk Food Relapse!

In other health updates, Spring-like weather in the Midwest has allowed me to take a couple of walks with my little one this past week. I haven’t been keeping up with my yoga/meditation/stretching as much as I would like to, as finding alone time to do this has been difficult. This is something I will work on this week, as I think these are beneficial both in the short and long term (i.e. during labor and delivery).

Little by little; one day at a time. Slow is steady and steady is fast.

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