And we’re off…!

It has been about a week since I decided to start living a more healthy lifestyle. I know its going to be quite a challenge for me but it’s one I know I need to face, pure and simple.

To improve my spiritual health, I’ve begun reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. So far, I have come to understand the importance of letting God into the little things in my life and how to develop a better personal relationship with God. I’m learning how to uncover His plan for my life as well as the “secrets” to living a happy life.

To improve my physical health, I started with the basics: altering my eating and exercising habits. First, I’m increasing the amount of water I drink each day and replacing other sugar filled beverages with milk or diluted juice.
Next, I’m struggling with cutting back on sweets. For a chocolate fix tonight I grabbed some chocolate rice cakes. I was impressing even myself, until I devoured over half the package. Well, at least I admitted I was struggling with this part!
Finally, I thought I would try and get creative and trick myself into eating healthier by making “healthy junk food.” My first attempt at this was baking sweet potato fries. I’m not the biggest fan of the sweet potato, but I gobbled these right up!


I made them twice and can’t wait to experiment with different recipes. [Though I came across a recipe for BBQ Sweet Potato Chips at The Healthy Diaries that I’m eager to try next!] I’m also anxious to find healthier ways of making other favorites: pizza, pasta, lasagna, cheeseburgers and of course, chocolate cake!

Lastly, I picked up a prenatal yoga DVD as a kickstart to a workout regime. I’ve used it twice, though both times were only for 20 minutes or less. Still, I woke up stiff and sore a couple times this week. Thankfully, a good stretch or two throughout the day has helped with that. As Maria from The Healthy Diaries recommends, I’m taking things slowly and trying to remember to give myself credit for the progress I do make along the way, little as it may be. After all, slow is steady and steady is fast!

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