Slow is Steady and Steady is Fast!

Things have been a little slow-moving since our last update due to a couple of minor road blocks, such as a delay in our main source of funding (our tax return). However, we finally received word that it’s expected to clear by the end of this week, allowing us to really get things going with the studio! In the meantime, we have been busy behind the scenes, too.


  • I’m proud to say that we’ve been making some awesome connections within our community! Not only are we hearing that ladies are excited to try out our classes, but we’ve discovered some incredible partners in a few local businesses as well. Our Facebook page has even received over 100 “Likes” already! The encouragement, positive feedback and support that we have received so far have been such a blessing to us. Starting a small business is no easy task, but our amazing community is helping us push forward and we are sincerely grateful for that. Thank you, friends!
  • We’ve also completed a few more “housekeeping” tasks on the administrative side of the business, such as opening our business bank account, selecting a Point of Sale system, finding an attorney, and drafting our studio policies, membership agreements, etc. You know, the fun stuff! 😉
  • This week we’ve been working on updating the company website, as well as mapping out the studio design. We found some cool products for the storefront and just purchased the first fixtures for retail displays, too.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Krystal has registered to become a certified Barre Fitness instructor! These fun classes blend ballet, pilates, yoga and the strength training exercises that dancers use to help tone, tighten, and increase flexibility. We are happy to offer this option to our studio members this summer!


  • This week the plan is to start bringing our studio design to life while we wait for financing to clear. After some clean-up and painting, we’ll begin to set up the front desk, lounge, and Kid Space. Once we have more funding available, we can begin to purchase equipment (such as the aerial silks) and get it installed.
  • There’s more administrative work to handle, such as submitting paperwork to the attorney for approval, finding an accountant to work with and finalizing our insurance policy.
  • We are also working on the class schedule. Right now, we know classes will run Tuesday through Friday between 5pm and 8pm, but we are still designing a calendar that will work best for both our clients and our staff. Once we have finalized some more paperwork, we will begin booking private parties and special events, too!
  • And of course, we plan to continue spreading the word about The ADM Studios and our mission to empower women through music, movement and meditation! We look forward to making more connections within the community and establishing our business here in Oregon. ❤️


Please continue to show us your love on social media! Your positive energy inspires us to keep moving forward! “Like” and “Share” our Page as well as our posts to let your friends know how excited you are for our studio to open in town. We truly appreciate the support.

Remember, Club Memberships are now available for purchase!

That’s right, you can pre-purchase a membership to the studio NOW and help support our start-up! With a Red, White or Blue Club Membership, you will have access to any class, any time for an entire month. You decide whether you attend class 1-2 times per week or you want to come every day – no pre-registration required! Plus, you’ll gain free daily access to the lounge and Kid Space, receive discounts in the store and on private parties, and gain VIP access to special events.

Take advantage of our $25 Perk here on IndieGoGo to receive 25% off of your Club Membership, as well as a Buy 1 / Get  1 Free Class Pass! Or you can pre-purchase your Red, White or Blue Club Membership today with a $50-$250 Contribution and you’ll also receive a special Thank-You gift from us. (Memberships may be gifted to another person if you wish. Details will be confirmed prior to Studio opening.)

Contributions benefit the studio’s opening. While we will still be able to open our doors without reaching our campaign goal of $3,000, we will have a much stronger start and chance at success if we are able to reach it. All we need are about 100 of our friends and supporters to back us with a $25 pledge and we will have reached our goal!!! Will you be one of those 100 to help us realize our Dream and bring this much-needed empowerment center to town?

We will be back next week with another update.
Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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