We are very pleased to announce that construction at our new studio location is currently in progress!

We’ve chosen the perfect space, filed the necessary paperwork, and written our business plan. Now, we are interviewing instructors, scheduling classes, and picking out equipment and supplies. And we couldn’t be more excited!

As a brand new company, we are giddy over the endless possibilities for our future! Yet, as a self-funded family business, our start-up capital is understandably limited. So, we’ve decided to turn to you — our community supporters.

To raise some more start-up capital, we have created a Crowdfunding campaign on This Campaign allows us to offer ADM Studio Club Memberships and other perks to anyone who backs us with a monetary contribution. All proceeds raised from this campaign will go toward opening our doors — from aerial silks to yoga blocks to building the lobby desk, each and every dollar contributed will help us get started on the best foot!

Click the box below to learn more about our mission at The ADM Studios or to earn your Perks today!

Thank you!
Please check back soon for updates.


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