Our mission is to inspire Americans to practice balance, wholeness, wellness – as individuals, as communities, as a nation.

{Oneness.} We are all human; we are all part of something greater; we are all connected.

{Acceptance.} Whatever your gender, belief system, political party, ethnicity or race, sexual orientation, career, appearance, education, reputation, religious affiliation (or lack thereof), lifestyle, etc., at the core we are all the same.

{Love.} We are love. We need love. Give away your love, share the love, spread the love, all you need is love. Love brings {Peace.}

My personal mission is to

–          inspire a spirit of oneness, acceptance, love, and peace among the community

–          empower all Americans to live their dream lives, every day

by sharing my story, my journey and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Join me as I start from the beginning, through the struggles, the heartbreak, the lies, the dreams, the hope, the encouragement, my survival…our love story, hitting my wall, dealing with adulthood, facing my demons/unpacking my baggage, becoming Mama…forming my own American Dream and how I am every day making it a reality, every day living my dream — and the inevitable highs and lows along the way.

I’m sharing this to demonstrate that the American Dream is indeed live, well, and attainable you just gotta know where to look.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

I’m sharing in hopes of helping other people who are struggling to find themselves, afraid to speak up or feeling overwhelmed about life. I want to show others that it is possible to BREAK the cycle and LIVE FREE each and every day. I believe anyone can enjoy his or her life to its fullest potential; Anyone can live the life they dream of as long as they know what they want, are willing to do the hard work it will inevitably take to get it, and have the support, resources and encouragement to attain it.

What is ADM about?

It’s a space dedicated to faith, family, friends and freedom because without these, we have nothing. It’s a website that chronicles the legacy I hope to leave behind, not just for my own children, but for generations of American youth to come. It’s a reminder of where America came from and a vision of where she ought to be. It’s a housewife’s handbook of a family’s quest for the American Dream.

Who Am I?

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a friend. I am a child of God. I am All American and proud of it.

I am a minister, a writer, an instructor, a motivational speaker. I am a guide, an entertainer, a storyteller, a peacemaker.  

I am a scholar of life and will never stop learning. I am an old soul — a mother hen — a rock.

I am a protector. I will watch over and forever defend that which I hold closest to my heart: my faith, my family, my friends and my freedom.

I am a dreamer. I dream of living a peaceful, happy, fulfilled and comfortable life. I dream of living in a country filled with citizens who are proud to call it home. I dream of a generation of doers who have strong morals and work ethics, who respect, love and listen.

I am not your average homemaker; I am an American Dream Maker.

What’s Her Story?

Like most, my life is far from perfect. It didn’t have a perfect beginning but I have spent its entirety working toward a better middle and ending. I experienced a childhood that shaped me into a strong, independent and passionate woman. Much of what I experienced in childhood also turned me into a negative, isolated and doubtful little girl, confused, lost and angry at the world. I recall reading somewhere about how connecting with your inner child can help you achieve a more balanced life. I was having difficulty finding my inner child until I recognized that maybe I knew her all along, I was just ashamed to face her. My inner child was a sad and scared little girl, cowering from the world with her back against the wall of a dark cave. She was naive, distrusting of most and juggled between being filled with anger and being completely hopeless.

Your inner child greatly influences your actions as an adult. Think about a child’s behavior: it is impulsive and impatient, prone to throwing a tantrum if he or she doesn’t get what he or she wants. As an adult, we have to learn to act more mature, postponing immediate gratification and acting civilly even though we’re throwing a tantrum on the inside. If your inner child hasn’t learned how to act properly, it’s going to be reflected on the outside – by your behaviors. Since my inner child was negative, my behaviors as an adult were negative.

I’ve been learning how to help this hurt child inside me become the happy, healthy and thriving adult I want to be – the kind of person that I hope I’m raising my own children to be. At first, realizing all of this was my biggest step. I always felt like I understood my past because of years of therapy, but I could never figure out how it was affecting my present. It turns out I was missing a vital key in my life, the puzzle piece that connects all the other pieces: I was missing my God.

I’ve never been an especially religious person. I called myself spiritual because I’ve always believed in a Higher Power, but I had difficulty making an actual connection with God/Spirit. Over the past few years, He has continually placed a woman named Joyce Meyer in my path in the form of both books and televised sermons. This woman has introduced to me to God on a personal level (and I’ve never met her).

It’s as though I have always felt His presence, but my inner child was too afraid to turn around and introduce herself; even though she knew He was there to help her, she was too shy to ask for the help. Now that we have been introduced, my inner child and I are learning together how to live in the Spirit, where I know I will find true freedom.

For me, this means maintaining a healthy, happy and balanced life. Some internal reflection has made me realize my truth – I was not living a very healthy life. So my focus has been on becoming healthier physically, as well as mentally, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. This blog is where I record my trials and errors, hypotheses and experiments, successes and failures along the way.

I am also in the midst of the unfolding of my own personal love story. I have found my prince and our road to happily ever after has begun. Now, I’m learning how bring the happy to the ever after as we bring our American Dream to life. Learning the true meaning of unconditional love: learning how to be the best wife and mother I can be.

And you, my friend, are invited along for the ride. Buckle up!

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